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Browse the Web with a Chromium-based browser that sends no data to Google
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A perfect Google Chrome lookalike, Superbird is a Chromium-based browser that offers you the same functionality of its parent application without constant communication with Google. This results in better speed rates and a much larger level of privacy when it comes to the way you use the program and your navigation habits.

When it comes to its appearance, you’ll find very little or no differences between Google Chrome and Superbird. They both share the same open-source development, which allows Chrome users to switch to Superbird without really noticing the change. They will notice the difference in speed, though, as Superbird performs its searches and displays the results in a swifter manner. According to Superbird’s own tests, this browser is not only faster than Chrome, but also quicker than Firefox and Microsoft IE.

It offers the same Incognito mode that you find in Chrome, and it also supports extensions and add-ons to improve your browsing experience. Bu where Superbird really shines when compared to Google Chrome is in its total lack of communication with Google, which results in a higher level of privacy and shorter performance times. This browser won’t get from Google a unique identification when installing the browser and, therefore, it won’t be notified to Google if your browser crashes or if a bug is found. It won’t tell Google where you downloaded the program or what you’ve written on your URL bar, not even when you have tried a malformed address. Finally, Google won’t install an automatic updater looking for new versions in the background at all times.

If only for the higher speed, and of course for its much higher level of privacy, Superbird is an excellent alternative for Google Chrome users. Those who navigate the Web with a different browser will also benefit from the overall functionality of probably the best browser available in the market together with the new revamped Firefox tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Based on Google Chrome
  • Improves Google Chrome's browsing speed
  • Offers an Incognito mode
  • Supports extensions


  • Does not send any data to Google
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