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Browse the Internet on a Chromium based web browser with additional security
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Superbird is a web browser with all the features supported by Chrome, except that it does´t send any kind of personal data. This way, Superbird avoids one of the hardest criticisms made to Google’s browser, related to the potential use or disclosure of the private data collected.

If you’re already a Chrome user, there’s actually not much to say. Superbird has the same streamlined graphical user interface that allows navigating various sites on separate tabs. Besides, it uses the same rendering engine, which means that its performance is more or less comparable. In relation to other popular browsers, Superbird seems to be slightly faster than Firefox and considerably more efficient than Internet Explorer. A quick look at various websites that publish benchmarking results can support the statement above.

As to the differences, Superbird, unlike Chrome, doesn´t share information with Google´s services. It doesn´t send your installation ID, geographical location or client ID. Moreover, it doesn’t send any information when the application crashes or a malformed URL is entered. While this definitely favors your privacy, it also has some disadvantages, considering that Google uses the data collected to correct bugs, provide updates, keep your browsing history and protect you from malicious websites.

In general, Superbird is an excellent alternative to Chrome when you’re concerned about privacy issues. However, it´s good to know that when you install Chrome, it gives you the opportunity to deactivate its tracking options. Besides, there’s also the incognito mode, which allegedly doesn´t send any personal data either.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It preserves your privacy
  • It´s very fast


  • Superbird´s latest version can be somewhat outdated in relation to Chrome´s
  • You cannot benefit from some advantages of sharing browsing data with Google
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