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Superbird is a more private alternative to Google Chrome
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Superbird is a web browser based on the popular Chromium source code, the same engine used for the popular Google Chrome. In all honesty, Superbird is pretty much just a clone of the Google Chrome browser, with the difference that it removes all of Google Chrome’s functions and features well known for sending data to Google. Therefore, it can be defined as Google Chrome with all its benefits along with data security and privacy.

Everything that made Google Chrome so popular and appreciated is also available within Superbird. The navigation speed is as best as it can be. The effective tabbed interface that allows easy and convenient navigation is also there, as well as the famous task manager. It's also possible to import the settings of your other browsers (Mozilla Firefox, for instance). It even supports the same kind of extensions as Google Chrome does.

To sum it all up, Superbird is a really great choice for anyone wanting to enjoy Google Chrome’s many benefits while keeping their data safe.

Margie Smeer
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  • Does not send data about user behavior (e.g. visited sites) to Google
  • Supports the same extensions as Google Chrome
  • Open-source


  • Configuring the printing options is not possible (same as in Google Chrome)
  • If Google Chrome is set as the default browser, Superbird might set itself in its place
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